What Makes A Great Monitoring Center? We Have Some Ideas.

At NMC, our customers rely on our monitoring centers for day-to-day operations and peace of mind. Therefore, we invest heavily in ensuring its continued advancement and modernization. Below, we take a deep dive into what types of technologies and what strategies should be incorporated into a world-class monitoring facility and why you should look for your monitoring partner that offers similar support. Below are just a few ways that NMC monitoring centers stand out from the rest.


24/7 Availability

One significant factor that separates a good monitoring center from a great one is the capacity to offer reliable 24/7 video monitoring and customer support. In our business, uptime is everything because, as everyone knows, emergencies can happen at any time, and the ability to rely on us is a core part of our brand promise.


We ensure our centers provide the highest reliability. We invest in multiple on-site backup generators and other facilities to step in as needed. These would ensure total redundancy in the case of an emergency, as well as an instant recovery if we were to lose power. But, most importantly, we have an incredible staff of professional operators available 24/7, prepared to pick up the phone in no more than two rings so that you and your customers are not waiting on hold for support when time is of the essence.


Quality Leadership

Team leadership can make or break a whole operation, and we’re proud to say that the NMC team is made up of the best of the best. They not only focus on overseeing our operations but also help drive client success through our monitoring services that enhance RMR opportunities. Our leadership is also prepared to go the extra mile with our dealers and thoroughly review the various services we provide them with to exceed their expectations and increase profitability.


Boosting Confidence

What purpose do we serve if we don’t have good people that work as a team to back us up? SDM Magazine said it best: “Whether it’s recruiting, training, scheduling or all three processes, creating a sense of team and fostering a connection with other team members is crucial to garnering long-term, productive employees and achieving operational success.” By carefully selecting, training, and effectively communicating with operators, NMC has put together the a well-rounded, organized, and effective team ready and able to meet our dealers’ needs.


To Compliance and Beyond

A significant part of maintaining the high-quality services that NMC provides includes ensuring we are up to date with all current regulations and certifications. For example, we recently renewed our  Installation Quality (IQ) certification. Maintaining continuity with industry regulations and guidelines is part of our pledge to adhere to a stringent code of ethics and provide the highest quality service to our dealers.


Together, all of these components make up a big part of the success of our business and the success of our dealers. These strategies and technologies ensure we continue to lead the industry in delivering monitoring services that protects users while supporting business development objectives for dealers. As we move forward, we will continue to invest heavily in systems integrations, the latest technologies, and ongoing training to create an ecosystem that ensures a full suite of commercial monitoring services is optimized, streamlined, and simplified. Here’s to the future.