New Integration with Ajax

National Monitoring Center is pleased to announce a new integration to expand our offerings to our dealers.   NMC is now able to be used as a central station for all Ajax related equipment.   Ajax is the most awarded wireless panel in Europe, as well as the most widely adopted wireless panel in Europe, and is now beginning to be sold in the North American market. They have a line of elegantly designed sensors available in both black and white as well as customizable faceplates to allow for their own branding.  Ajax is an 11 year old company with over 1.5M users deployed in 130+ countries.   All devices and hubs have been and continue to be exclusively manufactured in Ukraine. They have a very robust 3rd party camera support that includes direct integrations to UniView, Hikvision, and Dahua, along with any camera that supports RTSP streams. All hubs can connect directly with the central station as well as connecting to the Ajax Cloud which will relay signals to the central station. They use a class-leading proprietary long-range wireless standard for devices with a range up to 6500 ft which is more than 1 mile.  The wireless standard also is fully encrypted with frequency hopping spread spectrum and long battery life. NMC will also be hosting a training seminar in our Lake Forest facility, currently tentatively scheduled for mid-October for the full line of Ajax equipment descriptions, installation, and integration with existing video methodologies.