For Release: NMC Integrates RSPNDR Alarm Response Technology

NMC Integrates RSPNDR Alarm Response Technology  | NMC’s integration to RSPNDR optimizes monitoring and guard response


Toronto, Ontario (August 25, 2022) RSPNDR, a technology company providing automated on-demand mobile guard response to unverified alarms, has announced a partnership with NMC to deliver a rapid guard response solution.


The native integration of RSPNDR with NMC’s monitoring software will allow operators to dispatch or cancel a guard response with a single click. RSPNDR removes the tedious work of trying to find and dispatch a guard in the event of a security situation. Dealers can now offer end-user customers the fast on-site response times that RSPNDR provides by requesting this new feature to your customers’ NMC profile.


The opportunity to partner with NMC will accelerate adoption across their dealer network, so operators, and dealers, and end-users can all benefit from faster, more transparent response to unverified alarms”, said Mark Zimmerman, CEO of RSPNDR.


When alarms are triggered, end-users expect a fast response. RSPNDR connects monitoring stations with active unverified alarms to a network of licensed on-demand mobile guards that respond based on their proximity to a security event. In some areas, local law enforcement have deprioritized response to unverified alarms and this has led to longer response times, or in some cases, no response. RSPNDR partners with local licensed guard companies to deliver alarm response on demand, as needed in just one-click.


“RSPNDR provides unique functionality and cost savings as it ensures a timely, informed response from a local guard when needed,” said Woodie Andrawos, President, NMC. “Our dealer base can now leverage this technology to ensure their customers receive comprehensive alarm management in a matter of minutes instead of hours, resulting in a significant return on investment.”


The RSPNDR platform automatically assigns incidents to the mobile unit able to respond first. Monitoring companies get full operational progression transparency in real-time along with documentation for full accountability. By delivering an end-to-end automation of key processes, RSPNDR saves time and resources, making monitoring and guard companies more cost-effective and productive.



RSPNDR is reinventing physical security.  Out technology and network model provide fast, transparent high quality, alarm response and other physical security services in cities across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.  Our network includes hundreds of guard companies and responds quickly to thousands of security incidents every month for hundreds of thousands of businesses and home owners.



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