NMC at ISC West 2024: What’s Next for the Alarm Sector?

ISC West is more than the largest annual gathering of the security industry’s manufacturers, innovators, and dealers — it’s the industry’s greatest opportunity to experience the innovations and technologies impacting the industry. This year’s event is nearly upon us, and the NMC team will be on-site to network with its partners and peers, evaluate the latest products, and discuss the trends impacting the industry. Here’s a sneak peek at what we anticipate to see. 


AI-Powered Video Monitoring

AI-enabled video monitoring solutions like remote video monitoring and proactive video monitoring are gaining significant traction due to their ability to revolutionize traditional surveillance practices and help security dealers differentiate their services. By integrating AI and machine learning into video surveillance systems, these solutions can automatically identify and track objects and individuals in real-time while analyzing video footage for potential threats. This enhances security measures and significantly improves surveillance efficiency, enabling security stakeholders to proactively mitigate potential damages by delivering live audio warnings to would-be criminals looking to cause harm ].


New Outlets for Generating RMR

For dealers in the fire, alarm and security industries, solutions that keep customers around longer and reduce attrition for their business are becoming a mainstay. With the emergence of cloud-based technology and advanced services, RMR now encompasses more than just a contractual agreement. Providers are offering ongoing services rather than simply selling systems. This industry-wide evolution towards a service-centric approach has made adopting an RMR business model more appealing to integrators and dealers by ensuring consistent revenue and allowing them to serve customers better. By offering ongoing support and maintenance, dealers can build stronger client relationships, positioning themselves as trusted partners.


Intelligence and Smart Analytics

Recent innovations in business intelligence and analytics applications have transformed the alarms and monitoring sector landscape. Unlike traditional approaches reliant on third-party systems, these cloud-based solutions empower dealers and end users to efficiently monitor and manage their alarm systems, verify alarms, confirm dispatch requests, and access system controls from any location with an Internet connection. This level of flexibility is advantageous for busy business owners and alarm, fire and security dealers, enabling them to stay connected and responsive while on the move.


Mitigating False Alarms with Emerging Technologies

Technology firms in the security industry are developing ways to mitigate false alarms by building upon existing solutions with technologies focused on alarm verification. While false alarm technologies have been integral to security monitoring for decades, recent years have seen significant evolution with advanced detection methods, such as video analytics, audio detection, and motion sensors, enabling more accurate threat detection and reducing false alarms. By leveraging these technologies, security professionals aim to enhance the reliability and effectiveness of alarm systems, ultimately improving overall security measures.


Are you interested in meeting with the NMC team at this year’s event? Email info@nmccentral.com or contact your NMC representative. The NMC team looks forward to exploring the latest products, integrations, and trends that will drive the industry forward.