Why Choose NMC

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Always-On Customer Service

NMC stands behind our commitment to answer the phone in two-rings. With our two, geo-diverse, fully-redundant monitoring centers, NMC is primes to support our dealers 24/7.

Providing Dealers with High-Value RMR

NMC is the only Central Monitoring company to offer dealers the ability to add proactive video monitoring to their service offerings. PVM provides high-value RMR

Delivering Innovative Tools and Resources

NMC provides our dealers with cutting-edge tools and resources, including our new business intelligence portal, Nexus, a new eLearning training academy, and more.

For over 20 years, NMC has risen to become the premier 3rd party professional monitoring company in the nation. Our success is driven by unwavering commitment to providing not only the highest level of customer service backed by the highest standards but providing the most innovative technologies in the industry today. We are fiercely dedicated to our dealers and integrators and their subscribers and demonstrate this with an expansive list of monitoring services, tools, support, and education.

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Why Choose NMC