Dealer Management Tools

NMC supports your business better.

We believe in equipping our partners for success. NMC is always evolving our offerings to ensure you have the best possible account management tools to support your business. Below you can learn more about all of the Dealer Apps and Software tools available to our dealers.


Flexible. Intelligent. Easy-to-use. MASweb is an invaluable tool for dealers. Using a standard web browser, it provides both data and account management.

Data Management

  • Full data entry and account database access
  • Create and add new accounts
  • Full suite of reports
  • Summary dashboard
  • E-mail scheduled reports

Corporate Account Management

  • Dealer has a chain account that requires access to a group of accounts
  • Run full suite of reports
  • Change data or view only
  • View history
  • Change contacts
  • Full account testing

AlarmAccountSMS (

This customized interactive platform provides a way for subscribers to remotely see account information for their home or business using their account number and passcode. They can place accounts on and off test, view alarm history, add, change, or delete emergency contact information, and more. Now with SMS functionality, this service will automatically send subscribers a text message link when an alarm is triggered so that they can immediately identify the type of alarm and remotely perform tasks such as cancel an alarm or request urgent dispatch. This service will also enable them to create a group chat with other emergency contacts listed on the account. Go to AlarmAccountSMS

AlarmOnTest (

For fast and efficient testing of your sites, use AlarmOnTest. It works with a web browser on a smartphone or PC, so there is no need to download an app!  It provides a quick way for a dealer or subscriber to place an account on test with only a few steps. AlarmOnTest allows users to test accounts and avoid having to call the monitoring station or wait to speak to an alarm agent. Go to AlarmOnTest


This mobile app for technicians and installers allows dealers to test accounts, get results, read zone lists, and view contacts. With it, you can automatically locate your accounts on a map with Google Maps integration and get directions to the site.

Netwatch Web App

Formerly known as CORE, the Netwatch Web App is an interactive platform which gives you and your subscriber complete visibility and control of a Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring system through a personalized web-based and smartphone app.

o   Create and maintain your subscriber database

o   Interactive site design tool

o   Request commissioning appointments

o   Receive notifications & announcements from NMC

Data Entry Management

Manage all of your account data and quickly locate accounts using advanced search features


Business Intelligence Reports 

Quickly run a wide variety of reports including alarm activity statistics and business performance  (growth and attrition)


Live Alarm View

Track all incoming signals in real time


Map Views

Presents a map showing all accounts or apply filters to show only certain criteria


Dealer Billing

Dashboard to view billing details and pay bills online

Reach a live operator within Two Rings. Dedicated Support you need, when you need it.

Reach a live operator within Two Rings. Dedicated Support you need, when you need it.

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