AlarmAccount SMS

Prevent Costly False Alarm Dispatches with AlarmAccount SMS from NMC

False alarms are worse than just a nuisance for your business or facility – they are an operational and financial liability. Each time emergency fire or law enforcement services are dispatched to respond to a false alarm, you may be faced with a significant fine or cost.

SMS Opt-in

Any time a false alarm is triggered, it is important to be able to verify to the monitoring center that it is not valid as rapidly as possible. Typically, this means waiting for their call so that you can identify yourself with a passcode and confirm the false alarm. These actions must be taken quickly enough to prevent the costly dispatch of first responders.

To help you solve the problem of false alarm dispatches, NMC has introduced a new add-on service. AlarmAccount SMS allows you to confirm or cancel dispatch services with a few taps on your cell phone. Simply enable AlarmAccount SMS on your account, and emergency contacts can quickly and discreetly verify alarms without a phone call, through an SMS text message. It’s the fast and easy way to cancel alarm dispatch by text.

With AlarmAccount SMS, when your alarm is triggered, specified emergency contacts will automatically be sent an SMS text message with a link directing them to a web app with the ability to confirm or disable an alarm in real time. The interface also allows subscribers to:

  • Easily view account information and contact details
  • Place accounts on and off test for quick verification that your alarm is working properly
  • View alarm history to see who may have triggered alarms or cancelled prior dispatches
  • Add, change, and delete emergency contact information to easily keep your profile up to date
  • Group chat with other emergency contacts to relay important information about the situation, or report that there is nothing to worry about
  • And more!

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Reach a live operator within Two Rings. Dedicated Support you need, when you need it.

Reach a live operator within Two Rings. Dedicated Support you need, when you need it.