Industry Forecast from a Future Leader in the Security Industry

Industry Forecast from a Future Leader in the Security Industry


The Security Industry Association recently announced the first-ever winners of the 25 on the RISE award program, honoring 25 emerging security industry leaders under the age of 40 for their excellence in innovation, culture, growth, branding, frontline, and leadership. The NMC team is thrilled to announce that our very own Senior Sales Executive Tatiana Abramek was awarded as an honoree in the culture category, and we’ve had the opportunity to ask Tatiana about her predictions regarding the trajectory of the security industry in the near future.


Why are you excited to be one of the future leaders in the industry?

First of all, I’m humbled even to be considered as one of the future leaders in the industry. Right now is an exciting time in the market, with new technologies being introduced and an uptick in. I’m looking forward to being at the forefront of these technologies and seeing how companies adopt them into their services. The industry’s dynamic landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, offering opportunities for growth and transformation. My enthusiasm is fueled by the prospect of witnessing and actively contributing to integrating these cutting-edge technologies into the fabric of our professional sphere. 


Why is highlighting the up-and-comers in the market important?

I think it’s important to highlight the up-and-comers in the industry because it can inspire other young professionals to continue their hard work and know they can specifically see the great impact they have had on not only the industry but their colleagues as well. Recognizing and celebrating emerging talent is crucial for individuals and the entire professional community. By shedding light on the accomplishments of up-and-coming professionals, we create a ripple effect of enthusiasm that resonates throughout the industry. Young professionals, witnessing their peers’ achievements, are motivated to persist in their hard work and encouraged to set ambitious goals for themselves.


How has the industry changed since you joined?

Over the years, the security industry has transformed, driven by rapid technological advancements and evolving threat landscapes. The traditional focus on physical security has expanded to encompass a more holistic approach integrating digital and cloud-based security measures. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making waves, and the industry has witnessed a shift toward proactive and intelligence-driven security strategies, enabling organizations to anticipate and mitigate potential risks more effectively. Without a doubt, the industry is moving in an exciting direction.


What do you think the future holds in terms of industry trends?

The future of the security industry is poised to be shaped by several emerging trends. As technology advances, integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into security solutions will likely become more sophisticated, enabling predictive analytics and quicker response times to potential threats. Adopting 5G technology will introduce both opportunities for alarm service dealers, providing faster widespread connectivity. IoT devices will play an important role, needing robust security frameworks to protect interconnected devices. Overall, the future of the security industry will be dynamic and multifaceted, driven by a constant need to adapt to evolving technological landscapes and emerging threat vectors.


Five years from now, where do you think the industry will be?

Looking ahead five years, the security industry will be transformed, with the integration of AI playing a central role in shaping its landscape. I think AI will be seamlessly woven into the fabric of security solutions, revolutionizing threat detection, analysis, and response. The predictive capabilities of AI will enable security systems to anticipate and proactively address emerging risks, marking a shift from reactive to proactive security measures. Machine learning algorithms will continuously adapt to evolving threat landscapes, providing a dynamic defense against emerging threats.


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