Why Excelling at Customer Service Matters More Than Ever

Why Excelling at Customer Service Matters More Than Ever


Customer support should be a top priority in any organization’s business plan – and not just good customer support – but exceptional customer support! It’s as much of a marketing differentiator as it is a necessity to help retain legacy customers, win new customers, and build your brand. That’s why terms like “exceeding customer expectations” and “committed to customer service” have become common messaging points for brands. But just how meaningful are those promises to actual customers?


Today’s professional services shoppers have more power than ever before, and they are using it to make more knowledgeable purchase decisions. They research potential service providers from a variety of resources. While a provider’s website is an important source of information, customers know that there are additional insights to be gleaned from the reviews and opinions of others who have worked with the company in the past. Anyone with access to the Internet and social media has vast resources at their fingertips to run a quick reference check on your customer service track record.


Customers expect a frictionless, positive experience. When they don’t get one, they are much more likely to post about it. For brands, this raises the bar on what they need to deliver with regard to customer service in order to build and retain customer loyalty, while also cultivating new customers who are looking for a company they know will support them (both of which have a direct and tangible impact on bottom line). In fact, great customer support can also influence customer pricing, allowing organizations to rise above the competition by offering a superior customer experience.


From an operations perspective, great customer support not only helps resolve potential service issues, but it can also identify evolving problems. Sometimes the biggest threats to an organization are those that are most obvious. Having an open channel of customer support communications can help companies identify potential issues early in their lifecycle so they can be swiftly and professionally resolved before they evolve into larger problems. Implementing and maintaining social media listening can make you aware of a brewing complaint that you otherwise may not have been aware of – and quickly move the conversation off-line to deal directly with the problem at hand out of the public’s eye.


Great customer support also builds corporate culture and pride, helping organizations retain valued employees with shared values. The same holds true in creating and maintaining strong industry partners who share the same ideals and can grow with your organization over time.


For NMC, great customer support means ensuring that every phone call is answered in two rings or less, with a real person on the receiving end. It’s our commitment to unparalleled customer service that we back with the highest standards and most innovative technologies available. As a result, NMC has been consistently named the independent dealer’s partner of choice for event-based and live video monitoring.


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