National Monitoring Center Commemorates 20 Years of Success With New Logo

National Monitoring Center Commemorates 20 Years of Success With New Logo

New Design Reflects Continued Evolution, Growth and Innovation

Lake Forest, CA (September 14, 2021) — National Monitoring Center (NMC), the nation’s premier 3rd party monitoring center, has unveiled a new logo to further commemorate the company’s 20th anniversary. The new logo reflects NMC’s continued commitment to evolve with new technology innovations, an enhanced portfolio of services, and the best support and security personnel in the industry.


“We wanted to punctuate two decades of growth and success with a renewed spirit of entrepreneurism and perpetual forward motion, which is reflected in the design of the new NMC logo,” said Woodie Andrawos, President, National Monitoring Center. “As we look to the next twenty years and beyond, NMC will continue to build upon its outstanding reputation for best-in-class customer support, and our superior combination of highly trained personnel and cutting-edge technologies to provide our dealer partners with the best possible pathway to growth and prosperity.”


About National Monitoring Center (NMC)

For over 20 years, NMC continues to distinguish itself in the central station monitoring market by offering a superior combination of highly trained personnel and cutting-edge technologies. The company’s longstanding dedication and commitment to support its national network of Dealer Partners and their commercial and residential subscribers has established NMC as the professional monitoring services provider of choice. NMC’s two-ring commitment ensures that there will be a real person on the other end of the line when it may be needed most.


With state-of-the-art Monitoring Centers located in California and Texas, NMC provides geo-diversity  and full redundancy, assuring instantaneous emergency recovery and backup services in the event of a natural disaster, severe weather event or extreme alarm activity at one facility. NMC combines the best in technology and experienced personnel to provide its dealer partners with cutting-edge monitoring technologies and services, best-in-class support, and a pathway to growth and prosperity.