Alarms Industry Trends to Watch for in 2023

Alarms Industry Trends to Watch for in 2023

The alarm industry is constantly evolving. For example, Last year, some alarm service dealers still relied on 3G services. Because the industry is fast-moving, these services have now reached end-of-life  and going into 2023, we can expect to see further changes. As was the case over the past few years, increasing efficiency and decreasing instances of false alarms remain a priority for innovators in the alarm industry. With those goals in mind, here is a look at what we can expect this year to bring.


Wireless and IoT Solutions

IoT interconnectivity has been a major driving force for wireless technologies across various industries, including the alarm industry, and these devices will continue driving change in the future. When we think of alarms, we think of traditional intrusion detection systems but in recent years, IoT devices have changed how the industry approaches the diverse array of alarms that can connect to a shared network. This includes fire alarms, gas leak detection, and other functions critical to the industry by allowing customers to monitor and manage these alarms on one streamlined platform. The main reason that IoT interconnectivity is becoming an increasingly popular trend amongst alarm dealer businesses is that most IoT devices currently on the market have built-in alarms that serve various functions, and businesses are searching for new ways to monitor and consolidate these alarms – giving dealers an entirely new alarm outlet to consider.


Laser Focus on AI Automation

Regarding improving efficiency industry-wide, AI automation has been a top priority for years. Software developers have been striving to find new applications for artificial intelligence in nearly every industry, and the alarms industry is no exception. AI has been a highly sought-after tool for automated system health checks, false alarm reduction, improving response times, and cyber-attack defense, making it one of the most versatile additions to the industry in recent history. Because of this, you as an alarm dealer e can expect to see the demand for AI automation to increase in the future. Are you ready?


False Alarm Reduction

For as long as electronic alarms have been in use, dealers and customers in the industry have been seeking out methods of reducing false alarms and now in 2023, this has not changed. The industry’s means of false alarm reduction have yet to be perfected. As a result, we can expect to see new and innovative ways to reduce the likelihood of false alarms causing unnecessary distress for dealers and users alike. AI automation has played an increasingly significant role in this aspect of the alarm industry and will likely continue to do so as AI-powered solutions are developed further. By doing away with obsolete solutions and integrating with more versatile alarm developers, alarm businesses can help solve the alarm fatigue problem faced by security personnel industry-wide.


Each year, new and innovative solutions are created and introduced to address problems the alarm industry faces and pave the way for dealers to deliver the best solutions possible to end users. In 2023, dealers, customers, and spectators will enjoy the most innovative solutions on the market in recent history.