Nexus | Driving Operational Efficiencies for Our Dealers

Nexus | Driving Operational Efficiencies for Our Dealers


As you’ve probably heard, we recently introduced the new Nexus web application, designed to help our dealers approach business intelligence and account management more proactively and efficiently. The technologies dealers rely on to track and manage customer alarms and account details can become cumbersome as businesses grow. The Nexus interactive portal is NMC’s answer to this problem. Here are a few key features of Nexus:


Live Alarm Views


When customer alarms are triggered, the ability to respond at the drop of a hat is paramount. Through Nexus, dealers can access critical alarm information and take action as needed. To ensure that dealers are using their time effectively, Nexus will refresh live alarms every 15 seconds to verify which alarms need immediate attention.


Mapping Alarms to Locate Customers


In addition to viewing the live alarms themselves, dealers can now view the live alarms on on a map to determine which of their customers are experiencing active alarms. This feature helps dealers call for service at problematic customer sites more accurately and efficiently whenever needed. Dealers will also receive an updated ETA from responders local to customers to ensure that customer needs are met in a timely manner.


Growth & Attrition Report 


We know growing a subscriber base is crucial to the long-term survival of a business. With Nexus, we’ve made it easier for dealers to access that critical information. The Growth & Attrition Report tracks the number of new accounts and service cancellations monthly and year-to-date, delivering essential data to help dealers monitor the health of their business.


Runaway Accounts 


This tab lists “runaway” accounts, which are accounts that have excessive signals within a specific time frame. An account appearing on this list indicates an issue at the site, which, if not addressed, can create enormous liability for dealers. By compiling this information and delivering it in an exportable list, we help dealers reduce liability and provide the opportunity to address any issues immediately.


The alarm service industry is undergoing a digital transformation, and solutions such as Nexus place dealers where they should be – at the center of it all. Putting the ability to manage and respond to customer alarms in the hands of alarm service dealers is the next step toward optimizing alarm businesses, but it doesn’t stop there. Nexus users can look forward to continuous updates as time goes on with new features to come that will help to monitor and maintain the health of dealer businesses.