Evolving Security Trends

How Can Dealers Keep Up With Evolving Security Technologies?


For alarm dealers in the security industry, keeping up with the ever-evolving technologies the industry offers can prove challenging. Take the recent Verizon and changes in support for 3G wireless services. The decision by AT&T and Verizon to eliminate support for this network left dealers searching for new solutions.


These scenarios happen more often than we think. Sometimes, vendors discontinue obsolete technologies. Other times, consumers shape the market with demand for more reliable solutions. No matter the strategy, predicting these technology shifts can be challenging.


Expanding on Existing Technologies

One way that dealers can keep on track with  how technologies change over time is by following how innovators improve and expand upon technologies that already exist on the market. For example, false alarm management technologies have played a key role in security monitoring for decades. However, these technologies still have a long way to go to reach their full potential. False alarm technologies have evolved significantly in recent years, with advancements in technology enabling more accurate detection of potential threats and a reduction in false alarms.


One way that false alarm technologies have evolved is through the use of advanced detection methods. Traditional alarm systems often relied on simple sensors that could be triggered by a variety of non-threatening events, such as pets, changes in temperature or humidity, or even insects. However, modern alarm systems incorporate advanced detection methods such as video analytics, audio detection, and motion sensors that can distinguish between potential threats and false alarms.


The Rise of Proactive Solutions

In the security industry, proactive solutions that prevent crime are becoming more prevalent amongst businesses looking to be more proactive with their alarm and video surveillance investments. Historically, these have been measures designed to help security personnel to respond to crimes that have already occurred. Today, innovators are looking to leave this approach to security in the past. Solutions that prevent crime by alerting security personnel of suspicious behaviors before bad actors can commit a crime are seeing a rapid increase in demand.


Services like proactive video monitoring typically prevent crime by reacting to developing conditions in real time, identifying threats before any real damage occurs. Real-time response solutions such as this change the direction of technology development in the near future as businesses continue to catch on to this demand.


User-Driven Software and Web Apps

There is still a massive focus on the advancement of hardware in the industry, but the software that users and dealers employ has added an entirely new facet to R&D. Software and mobile applications such as NMC’s Nexus platform enables users to manage online data for their operations and their customers. These platforms give users the power to personalize their experiences and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of both old and new technologies by enabling easier management of customer accounts, dealer staff training, and advanced alarm management options.


It’s no secret that technology has, and will continue to change how we do business. New technologies and trends are constantly emerging, and it can be challenging to predict the direction the industry will take. The best way around these difficulties is to monitor the interests and demands of the customers and dealers that shape the industry.