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Dealer Resources

Please find below a section of helpful forms, marketing material, and certificates for you.

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This form is used when you have an existing CS number that you want to change. All the information on the account will remain the same only the CS number will be modified to a new CS number.

This form is used when you want to cancel an account. In order for a cancellation to be processed no signals could have been received within 24 Hours. Cancellations are processed the day the fax is received.

This list is to help understand what call list procedures are followed when an event code is matched up with a zone.

This form is to make changes to your Dealer Base Account. This tells NMC how you want to be notified on your accounts and also who are authorized personnel who can have access to accounts (create new accounts, test, update account information or cancel). Only a Manager or Owner may complete this form.

This form is to create MASweb users who are authorized to have access to MASweb. The Manager or Owner can select the level of access an individual has. Read Only allows the user to only view the information. Read/Write will allow the user to make changes to all accounts. Only a Manager or Owner may complete this form.

This form is used when a new account is being placed online.

This list is to help when reviewing account history or pulling reports. All CSR’s log in account history what actions are being taken while handling an account. This list will assist you in understanding what codes are being used.

This form is to request NMC Stationary.

This form is used when a new account is being placed online.

This form is required to place a temporary note on an account. Very specific instructions must be included to ensure the proper placement of the note. This form may also be used for Temporary Notes as long as a start and end date are listed.

This form is to make changes to an account.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting up and using MASmobile from your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

If you would like to order any of these marketing items, please contact our DSS Department directly by calling 1-800-662-1711 or sending an email to

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Dealer Discrepancy

Dealer Discrepancy Contact
Contact our support team at when you have a specific case or incident that requires additional information and assistance.