4 Video Surveillance Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

Over the past two years, organizations across the globe have increased their reliance on video surveillance. The answer as to why is simple and complex all at once: Video has become the origin of increased security and operational insights that help leaders adapt to the new business environment. As the value of video data has increased, intelligence has also been added to the fold.


How does all this impact the video surveillance landscape? A lot. And as your partner, it’s our job to keep you and your customers abreast of the changing requirements, demands, and technologies so you can help build repeat business and offer new solutions to emerging problems. So, without further ado, here are the areas within video surveillance you can expect to see the most growth over the next year.


A Laser Focus on RMR


Be aware: Recurring monthly revenue (RMR) has changed. As the market has evolved to a more service-centric offering, integrators and dealers favor adopting a video-based RMR business model because it provides the opportunity to serve customers better while building consistent revenue. RMR also enables integrators to develop stronger connections with customers, demonstrating that they understand specific needs and are available to provide scalable service. Video monitoring and SaaS services can also lead to a more in-depth and collaborative business relationship down the line, as the dealer becomes a more trusted, consultative partner.


Looking Beyond Security


The expectation around the use of video is evolving. More businesses are looking to implement solutions that support intelligent operations across their infrastructure. Many have decided to leverage AI-supported solutions and strategies to staff employees, manage traffic flow, identify trespassers in high-risk areas, and detect fraud. The value of intelligent solutions is excellent: it can help businesses identify the video data that matters most to their business model and deliver much better outcomes.


Embracing Proactive Solutions


The security industry has typically been a reactive market. Security leaders invest in services and technologies that help investigate a crime after the fact. But times have changed. Proactive solutions intelligently assess a situation and provide the information needed to stop an event before it becomes a costly and complex situation. Proactive video monitoring is one of these solutions. In short, proactive video monitoring is about preventing crimes, whereas traditional video surveillance is reactive and can only help solve crimes after the fact. PVM draws immediate attention to unauthorized activity, allowing the video monitoring provider to intervene and notify local authorities before a crime has a chance to occur. How’s that for revolutionary?


Connections Everywhere


From the cloud to intelligent devices, the idea of the connected world is shaped by demands for productivity and optimized experiences. But connections can’t happen without transformative technologies. These emerging technologies — the AI-enabled devices and platforms being developed — have changed how we work to secure our assets and infrastructures. Concurrently, systems must support openness and easily integrate with other systems to ensure rapid scalability and long-term ROI.


As we have all experienced over the past few years, there is rapid advancement in technology, and we are all striving to keep pace with this fast-growing world. One thing has remained constant in, and that is that security and safety are of the highest priority. This fact will only continue to propel video surveillance investments and innovation forward. Think about it: who knows what trends are right around the corner.